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Manage energy while cutting costs and emissions


Energy has become a key metric for companies. Saving energy means saving operational costs. Energy consumption also implies reducing greenhouse gas emissions and demonstrating greater care for natural resources. These actions are at the forefront for companies looking to enforce and contribute to sustainable development

What are Energy Management Systems (EnMS) and their payback?
Management Systems are well-known for their continuous improvement capabilities in the fields of Quality, Environment and Safety. Their proven effective principles have been applied to manage energy use. Energy Management Systems offer a systematic approach to monitor and reduce the energy consumption of a full range of organizations.
ISO 50001 is the new global standard for Energy Management. It is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, with requirements for:
establishing an energy policy with concrete objectives
setting a baseline of energy uses, identifying critical areas and understanding influential energy use elements
having a periodical forecast of energy use, allowing visibility of planning changes and investments
considering energy consumption in the decision process for design and procurement of all equipment, raw materials or services

ISO 50001 is based on regulatory compliance and has the same structure as ISO 14001. It can be easily integrated into existing Quality, Safety and/or Environment Management Systems.

What are the key benefits of certifying your Energy Management System?
Use in-house experts to review the compliance of your management system and its efficiency
Ensure improvement of practices employed by your teams in managing energy use and organize them for audits
Prove your commitment to sustainable development and limit the global warming impact of your activities
Demonstrate to all stakeholders your credible commitment to environmental preservation as well as cost reductions and profitability

Beyond ISO 50001 Bureau Veritas Certification offers other services related to corporate social responsibility and sustainable development such as:
Assurance of Sustainability Reports and verification of declarations of emissions following ISO 14064
Social Accountability
ISO 14001

A pioneer in Energy Management Systems - ISO 50001 is based on national standards for which Bureau Veritas Certification is accredited by DANAK for DS2403:2001 in Denmark and SWEDAC for SS627750:2003 in Sweden.
Leader in Sustainable Development Certification - Bureau Veritas Certification is a leading certification body in sustainable development schemes with expertise in environmental preservation and social accountability.
Network - A global presence in more than 100 countries means clients benefit from both international expertise and in-depth knowledge of local standards.
Mark of global recognition - The Bureau Veritas Certification mark is a globally recognized symbol of your organization's ongoing commitment to excellence, sustainability and reliability.


The objective of Gap Analysis audits is to evaluate the conformity of your processes with the Energy Management System detailed in ISO 50001.
The Gap Analysis will therefore guide your organization in implementing this new Management System and check the preparation of your organization for certification.

Gap Analysis process is as follows:
Definition of scope
Gap Analysis audit
Report of non-conformities and opportunities for improvement

Definition of certification scope
Pre-audit (optional): Gap Analysis and diagnosis of your current position against the standard
Certification audit performed in 2 stages:
- Stage 1 - preparation review to verify your
organization is ready for certification
- Stage 2 - evaluation of implementation, including
the effectiveness of your organization's management system
A certificate, valid for 3 years, is issued upon satisfactory results of the stage 2 audit
Surveillance audits to verify that the management system continues to fulfill the requirements of the standard and to monitor continual improvement
Re-certification after 3 years to confirm the continued conformance and effectiveness of the management system as a whole

  ISO 500001

Can ISO 50001 be certified along with other Management Systems?
ISO 50001 was built on the same structure as ISO 14001. Integrated and/or combined certification with other Management Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001) and sector specific standards is possible thanks to our highly qualified auditors. Integrated certification delivers greater audit efficiency, consistency and optimization.

What are the similarities with ISO 14001?
ISO 50001 can be certified with companies not having an ISO 14001 management system.
ISO 14001 addresses energy in terms of natural resources and environmental impact, including requirements to limit environmental impact. ISO 50001 goes well beyond these and is more comprehensive to enable cost savings (energy baseline, estimation of future uses, periodic forecasts, etc.).


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